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With a glance to the passed years of 21th century , now the place of smart electric systems in the everyday life and their effects on the future of the world is obvious to the majority minds of the most societies. having passed an era of hesitation about smart systems ,today we trust them to an extent for which we are responsible to employ them and of course human life looks at these systems as a vital necessity at the moment.

Smart electric infrastructures for the future modern life vary from electric ways of transportation , driving or any other way of moving to the smart home mechanisms .The world total trend is towards using these systems rather than the outdated classical methods and without any hesitation this trend would give the mankind a hand , as it has been doing during the recent years.

Voltacity aims at improving the general knowledge of different societies with different attitudes and conventions about novel ways of passage , high-tech methods of lifestyle and diverse procedures to have a life full of exuberance. As time goes by ,not only we know more about these systems , but also we require them more and more . taking a look to the first days of mobile phone or computer outburst can be a tangible example for an analogous trend during which we all were resisting accepting them. but what has taken place afterwards ? Their laudable services and important roles on our lives have got undeniable after only a few years.

Be more and more optimistic about the unprecedented technologies , see what they are going to do on the comfort , warefare and health of your life and society and so follow Voltacity to follow the true way.



For a long time humanity were looking for an appropriate surrogate instead of fossil fuels to provide the necessary energy of automobiles for. Lack of natural resources and related issues like its expenses and dependencies to the oil-rich countries, dangerous weather condition caused by carbon and other car exhaust wastes and suchlike subjects were the main reasons for hybrid electric cars advent. Hybrid cars are all the vehicles which their operation is based on the combined collaboration of two or more force transmission motors . (petrol-Electricity motors are our target here)

A big group of hybrid car models gradually entered the roads and streets ,but they had problems like battery defficiencies or weak power of motion in high speeds. Nevertheless the technology developments and high concentration of famous and successful involved companies led to the high-tech models of hybrid cars we see today. The more we go forward ,the more the hybrid cars get pleasant ,trustworthy and important to the society and people. High usage statistics of luxurious fabulous hybrid cars manufactured by famous expert companies during recent years indicate a positive ascending indication to them. What can be more enjoyable than driving with the least consumption of petrol and without contaminating the air ?


All you need is a plug-in and then you can go beyond ! One of the most challenging issues which has always disturbed the mind of governments , entrepreneurs and people is the subject of finding a proper replacement for cars for everyday trips and activities. This requirement emanates from the intolerable traffic condition and excessive time we are all wasting everyday in traffic even for the closest destinations in the first step and environmenatal problems , much fossil fuels price and lack natural resources in the second step. Fortunately , such problems in big advanced cities are getting solved and all the conditions are ameliorating gradually since the first advent of light electric vehicles (LEVs).

As time goes by , the culture of using electric motorcycles ,electric bikes and electric scooters is getting more and more institutionalized among the people . They are employing different kinds of these quite minute vehicles for their trips along with the subway , taxi or their personal cars and so they are feeling better because this method saves them money and time and it gives them a sense of satisfaction. Thus as it is vivid , the usage spectrum of these vehicles have got broadened to a large extent among the recent years.


Historically, automakers haven’t usually been fond of small electric cars capable of carrying one or two people. Lately, issues like lack of parking spaces ,especially in big and crowded cities, problem of innumerable volume of cars with one passenger, and the need to a rapid small way for short urban trips led to an interest in producing low-speed city runabouts among different companies , from General Motors to Toyota and Renault. Nevertheless in terms of practical activities , Unlike most automakers, Toyota has been making single-seat vehicles for mobility and industrial use for years.

They have one seat and about enough room in the trunk for two grocery bags. New Technology is probably giving us the ability to substantiate many of our childhood dreams , so the new models of single-seat vehicles,which use electricity to charge, will undoubtedly play a more important role in the future of urban smart transportation.The only thing they need is users’ trust and it would be wonderful to be one of the pioneers who use theese single-seat eco- & environmental-friendly vehicles which save us time , money and space.


Since the start of the 21th century , smart environments developments have sped up to control energy consumption and using the smart systems in production , supply and consumption of energy has led to a concept advent called smart or intelligent networks. Home intelligentization , as the chief energy consumer in urban societies , is one of the most important paces in order to intelligentization of energy networks. Smart homes , separate from classic energy control approaches like thermal isolation, control the building energy consumption without inhabitants’ involvement and by smart energy management systems (EMS) and approach it to the optimal limit ( can diminish the expenses by 10% – 30%)

Energy consumption control becomes feasible through the adjustable luminosity , heating and cooling systems and smart measurement systems. Besides , a part of or whole consumed energy in future smart homes must be provided by renewable resources. This can lead to a deduction in peak demand for electric energy and unreliability towards the fossil fuels and enormous powerplants , in addition to environmental effects. Not only will the aminities which are provided by smart optimal homes improve the quality of our lives , they indubitadely help and like our environment , city and society.

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